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President's Letter

Dear Worthington Parents and Guardians,

Much has changed since last March, but what hasn't changed is that we want our school children to flourish and be successful. Since I took over as President last February, I have been continually moved and awed by the people I meet through my role of PTA President, and how they are passionate about the success of our children.

One of my main goals is to help those who have energy to bring great events to our school and community (PTA committee chairs) by making the hardest steps easier for them, by connecting them with resources where they lack experience, and by reducing the barriers felt by others in volunteering to assist them.

Another main goal of mine is to improve the succession plan for PTA officers and committee chairs. PTA roles can be easy to perform if you know how to do it. I can attest they are harder if you donate. We have many parents that are well versed in how things work at WoES, and we have new parents that are interested in learning. Let's create mentoring relationships that use the best of these two resources. Please feel comfortable attending meetings even if your attendance is irregular. Please talk to PTA officers about what they do, because you may find yourself better informed to make decisions for your family. You may also learn ways that you yourself can support PTA activities that both you and others may benefit from.

Lastly, these two main goals won't sustain the WoES PTA forever, but I hope they will grow a new, larger cohort of involved individuals that can lead the PTA through new goals. Our personal involvement is an important factor in ensuring the education that our children receive at WoES is something that we can be proud of. As I enjoy telling people, please get involved now, "front-load" your involvement, even only a little bit, and give yourself more time to utilize your knowledge and connections during the rest of your tenure at Worthington Elementary.


John Gallagher

WoES PTA President